Question #1:

Why must I use a quality indoor tanning lotion?

First of all, we ask that you do not use an over the counter tanning lotion or a spray. Why? Over the counter outdoor lotions will cloud the acrylics. Second of all, premium tanning lotions provide a refractive prism of natural oils, such as hemp seed oil, sunflower oils, and aromatherapy oils. This refractive prism magnifies the ultraviolet light reaching your skin, which therefore intensifies your tan.

Question #2:

What happens if I choose not to wear goggles?

We strongly recommend wearing protective eye wear at all times. Cumulative long-term effects include loss of color perception, loss of night vision, cataracts, and even permanent blindness.

Question #3:

How often should I tan?

In the beginning it will take approximately 4-6 tans to achieve your base. Once your base tan is achieved, twice a week will maintain your tan.

Question #4:

Should I be concerned if I leave the salon and do not see immediate color?

No, your body produces melanin which will continue to tan you for up to three days after you tan.

Question #5:

Can I tan more than once in a 24 hour period?

No, state law requires tanners to have a 24 hour grace period in between tans.

Question #6:

Does tanning indoors have the same effect as tanning outdoors?

Yes, the only difference is control of the UVA and UVB rays.

Question #7:

Can I tan while I am pregnant?

Yes, our salon asks that you bring in a written authorization from your doctor.

Question #8:

How much Vitamin D does your body produce in one 20 minute tanning session?

One 20 minute tanning session is equivalent to drinking 100 glasses of Vitamin D fortified milk.